Donald Clarke - Historical Interpreter


Donald Clarke brings history alive.  An experienced interpreter of historical characters for children and adults, he has researched many real historical figures, both rich and poor and brings them to life using authentic costumes, belongings, tools and weapons.

Real History for the Classroom or Event

Would you like to meet a VAGABOND from the late sixteenth century?   He has travelled far, give him something to drink and he will speak his name (or names, for he has many).

He is a leader of vagabonds. He speaks their secret language and is a master of obtaining money. He carries all his worldy goods on his back and has licences to beg and travel and a sad tale to tell.

Or perhaps something more upmarket...


CAPTAIN THOMAS TURNOUR, Muster Master of Suffolk in 1588, the year of the Armada. He has been charged by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to inspect the defences of Eastern England. He will explain his duties, show you his documents and demonstrate his weapons.

He will also inform you how well your county has mustered and trained its men.


Other Exciting Characters include:

Lawrence Washington 1547 (ancestor of George Washington) a Northampton gentleman and wool stapler.

Willam Bowles 1578, yeoman of the Chamber of the Court of Queen Elizabeth

Adam Clerke 1588, yeoman and parish constable.

Reverend Charles Hardy 1941, rector of Trinity Church, Long Melford, Suffolk, also C.O. of local Home Guard.



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