Taneli Jaatinen

A fur merchant from the year 1520


William Bowles

Yeoman of the Chamber of the Court of Queen Elizabeth I from the year 1578


William Clopton
of Liston Hall

a Suffolk Gentleman of 1529


Matthew Cratcherode

A steward from the year 1578


Richard Clopton of Ford Hall

a Suffolk Gentleman of 1535


Captain Thomas Tourner

the Muster Master
of Suffolk 1588

Rafe Hedgeman

a Bailiff from the year 1546


Adam Clerke

a Yeoman and Parish
Constable of 1588

Lawrence Washington

a Northamptonshire Gentleman and Wool Stapler from 1547

Edward Payne

a Yeoman, Constable
of the Parish of Arlington,
East Sussex in 1588

John Seymer

a Suffolk butcher and
supporter of Robert Kett
from 1549


William Robynson

a Vagabond and Uprightman
 from 1593 and 1600

Edward Haxell

a Bailiff from 1553


Richard Clopton of Ford Hall

a Suffolk Gentleman of 1605

John Lagoe

a Bailiff from 1556


Captain Jorma Jaatinen

a Captain of the Finnish Merchant Navy
from October 1940

Richard Rayneshawe

JP and Seargant-at-Arms in St. Albans in 1560

Rev. Charles Hardy

the Rector of Trinity Church, Long Melford, also Lieutenant and C.O. of local Home Guard, 1941

Thomas Smith

A Yeoman and Poor Collector from the year of 1569

Stephen Whitehead

Boswaine of the ship The Grace of Ipswich, 1584